School refurbishment in London – painting, decorating and more

Working with schools involves several special considerations, which we’re well qualified to meet.

To start with, working hours and completion on schedule is absolutely vital with schools. School days and term times can’t be changed! We have a superb track record in this, always working around your needs (outside normal working hours if necessary) and always to strict schedules – for details see our testimonials.

In addition, health and safety is more important in an educational environment than almost anywhere, with security, access, fumes being vital considerations. We always take this into account and clean up carefully after ourselves, so no hazardous materials are ever left around.

School environments also have to be especially hard-wearing as they get so much use (and school kids are not always known for their consideration for school environments to say the least).

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Finally, of course, value for money is important when school budgets are tight. We may not be the cheapest, but we believe we provide excellent value for money, thanks to the quality of our work, our reliability, and the fact that we can often work more quickly than other contractors.

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